Day: 18 June 2017

Python in Minecraft 2 – Placing many blocks individually

In the last exercise we placed a wool block with variation 1. If you want to know which blocks you can place, check out the reference material at

In the next example, the same wool block is placed and glass is placed all around it. Glass doesn’t have any variations so we are using the first form of the setBlock command


import mcpi.minecraft as minecraft
import mcpi.block as block
mc.setBlock(-219,73,-222,, 1)
mc.setBlock(-220,72,-223, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-220,72,-222, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-220,72,-221, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-220,73,-223, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-220,73,-222, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-220,73,-221, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-220,74,-223, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-220,74,-222, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-220,74,-221, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-219,72,-223, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-219,72,-222, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-219,72,-221, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-219,73,-223, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-219,73,-221, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-219,74,-223, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-219,74,-222, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-219,74,-221, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-218,72,-223, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-218,72,-222, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-218,72,-221, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-218,73,-223, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-218,73,-222, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-218,73,-221, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-218,74,-223, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-218,74,-222, block.GLASS)
mc.setBlock(-218,74,-221, block.GLASS)

Run this python script to see it build in minecraft


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