Enter online at http://www.hgfa.asn.au/~registration/index.php

Contact Details:

Entries Contact:

Reagan Kowald
Phone 0418 729 456
Postal Address: 5/33 Curd St Greenslopes Qld 4120
Web: http://www.hgfa.asn.au/~registration/index.php
Email: canungrahg@hotmail.com


Canungra Show Grounds
Address: Canungra QLD 4275
Phone: tba
Email: canungrahg@hotmail.com

Event Organisers:

The Durands
Phone: (W) 07 55333611
Phone: (H) 07 55333596
Email: durand@hibis.wbs.net.au

Meet Head and Launch Director:

Meet head: Drew Cooper
Launch Director: Ken Hill
Email: kenhill@iprimus.com.au
Phone: 07 55435631 or 0418188655
Fax: 07 55435631
Scorer: Michael Zupanc

Technical Delegate:

D Tim Cummings
Email: timcu@tpg.com.au
Phone: 07 55435093 or 0418778422
Fax: 07 55434493

Supported By:

Moyes Gliders
Airborne Gliders
Beaudesert Shire Council

For sponsorship or media materials inquiries contact: durand@hibis.wbs.net.au


Results will be published before 22 Oct 2006 here

21 Oct - Round 1 results
22 Oct - cancelled (strong wind)

Results will be published after 22 Oct 2006 at http://www.zupy.net/Canungra06

Turnpoint list

Turnpoint list available at http://www.zupy.net/Canungra06


Downloadable map available at http://www.zupy.net/Canungra06

Come flying at the World's best foot launching sites 21st October – 28th October 2006

The dates for this year have been moved back to coincide with Indy weekend (which starts on the Thursday before the first weekend of the Classic). We expect the flying to be more challenging later in Oct giving more unstable days. Take extra time off work, fly the Canungra Classic and see the fast cars at Indy races.

This year promises to be even better with the headquarters to be based at Canungra's picturesue show grounds, creating an open friendly environment with BBQ, campfires and a layback Australian style. Some catering will be provided for breakfast and dinners. The Gold Coast comes alive for Indy, great nighttime activities for those of you who want to party. This is the first competition of the season for OZ and is a must for the young at heart. Drew Cooper four time Australian Champion will be running the event, so this is one not to be missed.

Competition Clinic:

This will take place at our local sites prior to the competition.It will be hosted by Jonny durand with limited spots available. More information to be advised soon.

Entry Details:

  • Competition Dates: 21st October – 28th Oct 2006
  • Register online: http://www.hgfa.asn.au/~registration/index.php
  • Registration Friday the 20th October (not Saturday morning).
  • Entry fee $180 ($210 if paid after August the 31st) + $40 site fees. GPS mandatory.
  • Payment info contact Regan
  • Paragliders, floaters and intermediates welcome. Maximum entrants 75 hang gliders + 10 paragliders. The floater section (including paragliders) may have separate scoring and sometimes separate tasks. The floater section is currently not sanctioned for HGFA ladder points

Experience Requirements:

Intermediate or Higher, Hang Gliding or Paragliding
(Mt Tamborine is rated Paragliding Intermediate with Advanced supervision)
(Mt Tamborine is rated Hang Gliding Intermediate)

Equipment Requirements:

GPS mandatory!
(Garmin or Aircotec Top Navigator or Brauniger Galileo).
Parachute recently repacked.

Pilot List

Click Here to see who has entered the competition.


Click here for accomodation details in the Canungra Area, SE Queensland.

More Information:

We will be using mandatory GPS turnpoint verification.

Read the GPS Users Guide

For accessories for your GPS check out Brian Sommerville's web page http://www.gpsoz.com.au/index.html

If you can't make the comp but still want the Oz experience check out http://www.goldcoasthgpg.bigpondhosting.com

Indy web address http://www.indy.com.au/gettingthere/index.htm

National Ladder Before Canungra Classic 2006

This year the Canungra Classic is rated AA, making it one of the top four scoring competitions in Australia this season. National ladder points of up to 360 are available at this competition. Most pilots from the national team will be here.


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